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Date: 4 / 23 / 2024          Time: 1:49 am EST
Teams Signed In:
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Teams Currently Playing:

Medal Count

Team Medals Message To The World
1 feverland View Team Kiss it Goodbye
2 1993 Phillies View Team No one has ever beaten us in the playoffs!!!
3 MaFiA RED ARMY View Team Your all scrubs
4 GHG8 View Team Try me.
5 Marian Colts View Team Go Big Blue
6 Hellish Demons View Team First we shut you up then we shut you down.
7 GRAND SLAM!!!! View Team I love GRAND SLAMS!!!!
8 GHG6 View Team Coming back smarter, bigger, faster, stronger
9 Hammerin Hank View Team Please Hammer Dont hurt em
10 All-Star Phillies View Team Phillies Rock
Team Medals Message To The World
11 feverland2 View Team Insert
12 fishes View Team hello
13 New York Black Sox View Team Perfection is our game
14 RAW Roster View Team you cant see me
15 New Direction View Team You cannot beat it!
16 Fightin Whities View Team THE WHITIES ARE COMING
17 dumbass View Team My ass is on fire.
18 Green Monsters View Team Your going down!
19 Team Boss View Team Im Boss
20 Asians View Team Kung Pow
Team Medals Message To The World
21 The R-tards View Team Insert Retarded Quote Here
22 nickpwn View Team we pwn
23 New York Blue Sox View Team Perfection is our game
24 Westminster Rockies2 View Team Be Jealous
25 The triple threat View Team The eliphants are coming