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Date: 4 / 23 / 2024          Time: 1:26 am EST
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Grand Slam Derby - Free Online Baseball Action Game

Welcome to Grand Slam Derby, the best TOTALLY FREE baseball batting game on the internet. If you just want to hit some balls, click on the button below labeled "Play Ball!" and you're off!. If you would like a more comprehensive experience, read on.
Stock Teams:
Load Background Music (Note: This will cause the applet to take considerably longer to load.)
If you already have a team, log in to your clubhouse below. If you think you are ready to make your team, Create a Team here, which requires no personal information, not even an email address. Note: You must have your own team to play against another person.

Screen Shot

To get the most from this game, you will need to:
  • Make a team, name your players and choose your team colors.
  • Choose your "Message to the World.", which will be displayed next to your players and games in the leader boards. This can be a quote, a screen name, an email address...even a link. Whatever you want!
  • Try to play the maximum of 60 league games (a game takes about 2 minutes) per month (You can play as many games as you want, but only the first 4 each day and the first 60 each month will count.)
  • View the league leaders, longest home runs, and best games.
  • If you're good enough, win prizes!
  • For more information on the prizes or anything else, click on the header link labeled 'FAQ' at the top.